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ABC27 News at 6P (New) The day's top news items are presented by the ABC27 Evening News Team, along with the sports scores and the Harrisburg area weather report.
ABC World News Tonight (Sunday) (HD, New)
America's Funniest Home Videos (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Parents lip-sync to their children's emotional outbursts; sisters become emotional when they discover their new puppy; twins cover their house in flour.
Celebrity Family Feud Inside the NBA vs. MLB All-Stars and Rashad Jennings vs. Team Eve (HD, New, TV-PG) NBA analysts compete against baseball and softball all-stars; retired NFL running back Rashad Jennings' team takes on rapper Eve's squad.

NCIS: Los Angeles The Dragon and the Fairy (HD, TV-14) The NCIS team must determine if a man that was gunned down outside the Vietnamese consulate was an isolated incident or an act of terrorism.
NCIS: Los Angeles Vengeance (HD, TV-14) When the body of a Navy Intel Officer is found, all of the evidence points to a team of Navy SEALs who are about to leave for a hostage rescue mission.
NCIS: Los Angeles Patriot Acts (HD, TV-PG) When a chemical bomb is discovered in a Los Angeles vehicle, the NCIS team joins up with the FBI in a search for the domestic terrorist threatening the city.

Walker, Texas Ranger In the Name of God (TV-PG) Alex gets captured by the personable leader of a notorious cult while trying to rescue a friend's daughter, and Walker must track her down.
Walker, Texas Ranger Crime Wave Dave (TV-PG) Ranger Walker is searching for an escaped parolee when he discovers that the man's parole officer has been threatening his family.
Walker, Texas Ranger End Run (TV-PG) Walker and Trivette are to escort a person to Louisiana, but a gangster and his men follow them to prevent them reaching their destination.

The Drew Carey Show Cain and Mabel (TV-14) Drew is upset when Steve begins frequenting the bar dressed in drag, alienating the customers; Oswald's breast experiment draws to a close.
The Drew Carey Show Nicki's Wedding (TV-14) Drew receives an invitation to Nicki's wedding and decides to attend at the last minute but commits a faux pas by asking the bride to come back to him.
That '70s Show I Can't Quit You Baby (TV-14) Donna's father transfers her to a Catholic school as punishment for going away to California; Eric and Donna catch Hyde and Jackie kissing.
That '70s Show What Is and What Should Never Be (TV-14) Red's reaction to Kitty's announcement that she is pregnant isn't what she hoped for; Kelso fails to take the news of Hyde and Jackie in good stride.
That '70s Show Heartbreaker (TV-14) Kitty isn't quite sure how to break some very important news to her parents when they visit, and Eric is forced to sum everything up for her instead.
That '70s Show Ramble On (TV-14) Donna presents Eric with a promise ring as a token of their renewed and powerful love, unfortunately it's the biggest, ugliest, oddest ring Eric's ever seen.
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