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LIVE with Kelly and Ryan (HD, New) Priyanka Chopra of the TV series "Quantico"; model Hailey Baldwin visits; writer and speaker Barbara Hannah Grufferman shares her beauty tips for aging.
Rachael Ray It's Our First-Ever Raffle Show! We're Giving Away Prizes to Our Audience All (HD, New, TV-G) Rachael hosts her first raffle show, which features prizes like a trip to Panama, with chef Richard Blais Carter Oosterhouse; Rachael prepares garlic burgers.
The View (HD, New, TV-14) "Dr. Phil" host Dr. Phil McGraw.

Leverage The Order 23 Job (HD, TV-PG) After a former investment manager is hospitalized, the team searches for a way to get close to him in order to force him to reveal the location of stolen money.
Leverage The Fairy Godparents Job (HD, TV-PG) In order to get close to a corrupt investment banker under house arrest, the team befriends the man's awkward son in order to get close to their target.
Leverage The Three Days of the Hunter Job (HD, TV-PG) After two children are killed in a school bus accident, the host of a tabloid TV news program tries to boost her ratings by laying blame on the bus driver.

7th Heaven Consideration (TV-PG) Annie's father comes for a visit, but nearly everyone is too busy to spend time with him; Simon's grandfather takes him to get his learner's permit.
7th Heaven Pathetic (TV-G) After realizing that her dream isn't what she thought it was, Annie quits teaching, causing Eric to feel left out that she didn't consult him first.
Ghost Whisperer Dead to Me (HD, TV-PG) When Ned's anthropology professor is stalked by the ghost of a secret admirer, a Ouija board is used to try and solve the mystery, which creates yet another.

A Different World Whitley's Last Supper (TV-PG) Whitley's dad tells her that he is taking her credit cards, and Kinu sees Dwayne trying to comfort her; Kim faces her practice test for med school.
A Different World The Goodwill Games (TV-PG) Ron and Dwayne tease Whitley for trying out for the academic decathlon, until she and Dwayne are paired up as partners; Kim won't date Matthew.
A Different World Tales from the Exam Zone (TV-PG) As midterms approach, Whitley races to complete a report for her sadistic accounting professor, and Dwayne struggles to prepare Terrence for his tests.
A Different World Good Help Is Hard to Fire (TV-PG) Dwayne continues to reel in the aftermath of his and Whitley's kiss and finds himself frustrated with his relationship with Kinu; Ron hires Whitley.
Spin City Criss Cross (TV-14) The Mayor falls ill when Paul brings a cold into the office, forcing Mike to take the Mayor's place on a national talk show to debate his girlfriend, Ashley.
Spin City Bye Bye Love (TV-14) Mike is inconsolable after Ashley leaves him behind for job on the West Coast, and he becomes so needy that he follows Nikki on her date.
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